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Global Brand with Offices in Canada and India

With our team of highly qualified Canada immigration consultants in Chennai and ICCRC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) registered consultants in Chennai to guide you through the Canada Immigration Chennai process, you can be rest assured that your visa application is in the great hands.

Loyalty and Commitment Is a Two-Way Street

You don’t need to hire Canada immigration consultants; it is your choice. But if you are hiring Canada visa consultants in Chennai, you would prefer someone who values their reputation, has a strong ethical code of conduct and advocates professionalism. We mean BUSINESS i.e. legitimate service for a legal fee supplemented with a long-lasting client relationship. 90% of our clientele is via reference.

Low Prices and No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees

No hidden cost, no sales strategies, no persuasive consultation but purely honest consultation and a "One Point Contact". All the directors are ICCRC registered consultants in Chennai with over a decade of 'on the job experience’, handling all sorts of immigration cases.

Applications in unauthorized firms never goes through the scrutiny of any registered Canada visa consultant in Chennai or an Immigration lawyer, but it is done by one of the back-end employees at the company’s office in India.

We urge everyone to ask these four simple questions before they sign up for Canada immigration consultancy services anywhere.

canada immigration consultants in chennai

Protect Yourself from Canada Immigration Fraud by Choosing Novus Canada Immigration

- Don’t be a victim of disappearing act: Choose the best Canada immigration consultants in Chennai

Almost 99% of the Immigration Agency Companies in India offering Canada Immigration Chennai services are not registered with ICCRC. They ‘falsely claim’ to be associated/affiliated with Canadian and Australian federal authorities who regulate immigration and also work with partners to crack down on immigration fraud. Beware of businesses with unrealistic offers and false promises galore.

Novus Immigration Consultants is Committed to Keeping Things Simple!

- Our top Canada immigration consultants in Chennai have broken down the fastest gateway to Canada Immigration through the Express Entry Pool in 4 easy steps. The entire Canada immigration Chennai process can be divided as follows

Work on IELTS and ECA

Assess Your Eligibility

Create an Express Entry Application

Receive Your Invitation to Apply

Our RCIC Team for all your
Canada Immigration Needs

Journey to Canada Through Novus
Immigration Consultants


English Language Test - IELTS

You can book your IELTS exam (General module) from either IDP education or British council

Being trusted Canada immigration agents in Chennai, once you come on board with us, we will provide you with free assistance in IELTS through our experienced team members who have written IELTS as well and know how to go about it. We always guide our clients and help them achieve better results, which makes us the best Canadian Immigration consultants in Chennai.


Educational Credential Assessment

After you book your IELTS, it is better to apply for your ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) simultaneously to save time of individual processing.

We will help you create your ECA account, guide you through the university procedures for your educational documents so that your IELTS and ECA is completed around the same time. Not many Canada immigration consultants in Chennai guide you end to end.


Canadian Legal Retainer Agreement

We would provide you with the Canadian Legal Retainer Agreement signed by the RCIC. Company policies like ours is hard to find among various Canada visa consultants in Chennai.


Creating Your Profile

Analyzing your profile for the Express Entry and PNP, National Occupation Code (NOC), Primary applicant and Dependent factors. Read More ....

Your next focus should be on the program will you be getting into, the Express Entry, directly by clearing the benchmark and getting an invitation from Canada? or in case your score doesn't make it to the cutoff, should you opt for a PNP? Or if your score is in the borderline, we would apply simultaneously for both to maximize your chances.

An Expression of Interest (EOI) is applied individually to each official Province as applicable depending on the profile, by the RCIC in Canada.The Canada visa consultants in Chennai team ensures 1-1 contact andupdates for every application.

Being the best Canada visa consultancy, we would technically analyse and suggest various possible options to increase your scores to compete in the Express Entry pool. Our team of skilled immigration consultants in Canada and the RCICs get real time updates on the Provincial draws, and would work on the application proactively giving us an edge over the others.


Awaiting your ITA

This is a phase where you have created an online profile and you are waiting to get your invitation to Apply (hereafter referred to as ITA)



Here at Novus, we provide you with complete assistance during this stage as the RCIC legally representing you (Representative Form IMM5476e) will review and submit documents as per the submission checklist, as this being a crucial period where a lot of Legal Framework and Technicalities come into picture. Read More ....

They make sure that everything is filed and submitted in due time and you obtain your PR.

The crucial part is not just the filing and submission, but to apply for each province as and when the appropriate category opens up, this would be different for every client as per the provincial eligibility, NOC code and many other factors at that point. The aim of our Canada immigration consultants in Chennai is to ensure that we maximize the chances so that no opportunities are left unattended.


A Bird’s Eye View Of Novus Immigration

  • Show EOI (Expression of Interest) - Creation of application
  • Clear the cutoff and receive ITA (Invitation to Apply) [through Federal Express Entry/obtain nomination from Province and subsequently receive a Federal Invitation]
  • Submit all documents(along with medicals and police clearance)(within 60 days)
  • Receive AOR(Acknowledgement of Receipt of the submission done)- this will be in review for at least 6 months
  • (In the span of 6 months you would:)
    • Receive Biometrics letter to be submitted
    • Receive PPR(Passport request for visa stamping)
  • Receive COPR(Confirmation of PR letter)(Date to be arrived will be mentioned usually 6 months’ time frame)
  • Land in Canada
  • CBSA checks- (Declare first port of Entry)
  • Apply for PR card

We Know How Important and Valuable Such a Life Changing Immigration Decision Is for You and Your Family

We have helped thousands settle successfully in Canada, let us Help You in Your Journey!

canada immigration consultants in chennai canada immigration consultants in chennai

Head Office India :

#84, 2nd Floor, Brigade Road Bangalore, Karnataka 560025.

Head Office Canada :

#104, 6678, 152 St, Surrey, BC V3S 7J2, Canada

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The Right Immigration Pathway -
Frequently Asked Questions

Need For Immigration Consultants For Canada In Chennai?

There is a high demand of Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai. More and more people look for Canada Immigration from Chennai due to all the promising benefits in the country. Hence, there is a dire need for Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai to guide the people and put them on the right path to achieve their dreams.

The most important reason for the demand of legitimate Immigration consultants in Chennai is the need for legitimate professional service for the right fee. Everyone aspires to go build a better life in Canada. Hence, an applicant must have the right people guiding them. Since there are also very few Canada Immigration in Chennai there is definitely a need for the right one. Finding the best Canada immigration consultants in Chennai would lead a person to Novus Immigration Services.The team consists of RCICs. i.e. Regulated Canadian Immigration consultant.

RCICs are well versed with the laws related to immigration and also they have the license to represent you legally. This is something that many Immigration Consultants for Canada in Chennai do not possess. This license is granted by the Canadian Government which enables them to be a representative of an applicant looking for Canadian Immigration. Here at Novus we have three RCICs that are lawyers themselves.

What Makes Us The Best Immigration Consultants In Chennai?

There’s a plethora of Canada Immigration Consultants that claim to be the “Best Canada Immigration Consultant in Chennai”. So how does one know who the genuine immigration consultants for Canada in Chennai are? One of the ways to check if the Canadian Immigration Consultant is genuine is by making sure they have immigration lawyers who are accredited to be Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC).

Many of the Canadian immigration agents in Chennai claim to have RCIC personnel but most of the Canada Immigration agents in Chennai are merely affiliated to the RCIC.

Here at Novus Canada, we are IRCC registered consultants in Chennai unlike many other Canada immigration services in Chennai. We have senior lawyers who are RCICs, who personally handle every clients’ files and will assist and advice you throughout your application process. We do not compromise on the Quality of our Services and ensure each client is given the right information and treated with care as our quality of work speaks for us which makes us one of the most sought out and best Canada immigration consultants in Chennai.

What Is The Benefit Of Using An RCIC Immigration Consultant For Immigration To Canada?

Our RCICs started practicing immigration much before the Express entry even came into being. They are also lawyers who have practiced law in India before. With years of experience in their kitty especially catering mostly to Indian and global clientele, their proficiency in the Indian legal framework also adds to the efficiency in their application processes.

Immigration consultants for Canada in Chennai are many in the Indian market. However, the top Canada immigration consultants in Chennai would be the RCIC’s with adequate experience in all domains of immigration. Few Canada Immigration services in Chennai only specialize in a particular department for example study permits and few other Canada PR visa consultants in Chennai, who only do express entry files. It is true that expertise is enriched only with experience. At Novus, the senior RCIC’s recruit new RCIC’s and provide them training in different domains. Hence we are probably the oldest and experienced Immigration Consultant for Canada in Chennai and in India.

Is There A Canadian VAC/VFS(Visa Facilities Services) In Chennai, For Immigration To Canada From Chennai?

Visa application centres (VACs) are private companies that have formal contracts with the Government of Canada. All Canada immigration consultants in Chennai must be aware of it. They securely send your applications and passport to the visa office and official locations to give your biometrics (fingerprints and a photo) that are located around the world. Canada immigration agents in Chennai need to guide you to only these centres and nowhere else.

There are about 3 centres in Chennai which are VFS visa application centre, VFS Global. Here at Novus, being the Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai guide and assist you through your entire Visa process with the right guidelines, unlike other Canada visa agents in Chennai who may not even give you quite a clear idea about the procedures involved.

Please find a direct link for VFS India :

Please find a direct link from CIC for all VAC: Find a visa application centre:

How do I find the List of Panel Physicians For Medicals, To Submit For Canada Permanent Residence From Chennai?

Once you receive your Invitation to apply (ITA), you will have a period of 60 days to submit everything, one of the documents being your Medicals. You can do this by yourself or get the right guidance through a Canada Immigration consultancy in Chennai. Novus, being professionals in Canadian Immigration and hence known as one of the Best Canadian Immigration Agents in Chennai will assist you with all the requirements from the Canadian Government.

In Chennai there are about 4 – 5 authorized panel physicians to check you up for the Canadian Immigration standards. They are SubbulakshmiDoraraj, Rama Narasimhan, HaripriyaJagadish, Sujatha Sampath, JagadeeshChandrasekaran, all belonging to Apollo Hospital.

Please find the direct link to Find a Panel Physician:

Is there an impact on Immigration to Canada due to the current scenario?

Although there is a delay in the processing times from the IRCC, draws and Invitations are still on going. Due to the current scenario of COVID-19, people are assuming that things have stopped completely but in fact there have been no actual decisions made to stop Immigration, while immigration is going to be the key driver to the success of its Economy for at least the next 3 years. This period has in fact opened up the eyes of many people in Chennai too, to put forth their applications and migrate to Canada by the virtue of the fact on how well the Canadian Govt. is handling this situation and ensuring the PR holders and citizens are taken of financially and health wise by providing the best facilities equally. As this is also the perfect time for Skilled Workers to migrate to Canada on a PR Visa. We at Novus too haven’t kept things on hold. Our core legal team members in India and Canada are taking the utmost precautions while working to ensure everything happens on time. Therefore, effective services are being provided and people’s dreams and goals are continuing to be fulfilled as we ensure to find you the Fastest Gateway to Canada.

What Is The Most In Demand Route To Immigrate To Canada From Chennai?

The most sought out route to Canada for anyone seriously looking for Canada immigration from Chennai would be through the Express Entry followed by a Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) depending on the CRS scores. Normally with the analysis done and statistics drawn, reports show that many families who aim in obtaining their Canadian PR normally get nominated by one of the Provincial Programs. Canada PR consultants in Chennai give complete consultation in the PR process. On the other hand, the approach is as such that in today’s scenario individuals are equipped with plenty of work experience and look at going to Canada for a better future. Canada visa consultants in Chennai tend to draw people’s attention through these programs but only the most genuine immigration consultants for Canada in Chennai actually put in the effort in getting people through this program.

Move To Canada From Chennai? Explore The Best Canada Immigration Consultants In Chennai.

Novus Immigration Services is most genuine Canada immigration consultancies that have registered lawyers which also makes us the most sought out Canada immigration consultants in Chennai.

Apart from our Directors who are RCIC’s themselves, we also have strong legal team trained by the RCICs. Having about a decade’s experience in immigration matters, we would be one of the oldest Business Immigration Consultants.

Immigration is a field where consultants charge according to their experience and skills in the field of Immigration. You would assume immigration consultants in Chennai who charge you a very nominal fee and on the other hand you would also find experienced professionals charge a higher fee. Hence, it is advisable to understand the intent and logical reasoning as to why different Canada visa consultants in Chennai charge differently. Meet the consultant, you could probably judge in the very first meeting as to how competent one is in their field of expertise.

Reasons To Apply For Canada PR?

There are several reasons to apply for a Canada PR and moreover it depends on the trust and confidence you have while choosing Canada immigration consultants in Chennai. Some of the most Important reasons that you need to keep in mind are that:

This was unveiled in the federal government’s 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan.

Canada continues its approach to gradually increase immigration levels. This is likely to give stakeholders time to adequately plan to support a larger population.

Whereas Canada welcomed 320,000 newcomers in 2018, and 341,000 immigrants in 2019, it is again targeting the admissions of 341,000 immigrants in 2020.

It is aiming to welcome an additional 351,000 in 2021, and another 361,000 in 2022. The plan provides Canada with the scope to welcome up to 390,000 immigrants in 2022.

The most significant revelation from the announcement is Canada’s target for 2022 since today is the first time such information has become publicly available.

This confirmation and news from the Federal Government tells us that there is specular growth in the economy, where standard of living is increasing, job rates are growing along with the income earned, education, health care facilities and a better future for everyone. Canada is definitely the place to be! For more details, check out Novus Immigrations Services, known to be one of the top Canada immigration consultants in Chennai who will also provide you with PR Visa assistance.

What Are The Different Ways To Go Canada?

Novus is known to be the best consultancy for CanadaPR in Chennai as we have been professionals in this field for about 15 years.

Express Entry is an online selection system used by the Canadian government for Canada immigration. It's completely an electronic process used to manage applications that is designed specifically for selecting skilled and qualified candidates for Canada immigration. Any CanadaPR consultants in Chennai will try and convince you that they know the process but we can assure you that they won’t even be aware of half the knowledge we possess in regard to this matter.

PNP: The provinces and territories in Canada have an agreement with the Canada government that enables them to nominate immigrants (individuals and their families) based on its immigration needs and the applicant’s intent to settle in that province. 75% of the Canada immigration consultants in Chennai won’t be aware of the various provinces and programs that exist and are active. Novus on the other hand have a physical office in Canada and get live updates from there.

You can always Google and search for Immigration Consultants for Canada in Chennai and definitely choose one, but you will never know if you approached the right one, with all the expertise. Therefore, check those who have not only been in the business for a long time but also have the results and this Canada immigration consultant in Chennai will be Novus.

What is the eligibility for Express Entry and how do I check my eligibility? Do I need an evaluation to be done by an immigration consultant for Canada before starting the process?

The factors mentioned below determine your eligibility through a 100-point grid used to assess eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The current eligibility score is 67 points.

  • age
  • education
  • work experience
  • whether you have a valid job offer (Optional)
  • Language Proficiency-English and/or French language skills
  • Additional factors- adaptability

The point grid link is here:

If you are in touch with the one of the best Canada immigration consultants in Chennai who are Canada immigration experts, then this can be done in a few minutes along with the CRS points calculation. Novus is always here to help you with your Canada Immigration process with the core legal team being adept with all the technical and subject knowledge on Canadian Immigration system. This can be done on a single call including details beyond one’s basic evaluation like NOC and work experience, etc. Usually most Canada immigration agents in Chennai charge you for everything possible from the start, including your basic evaluation report, which can be ideally done for free. Here, at Novus, we don’t charge you for an evaluation as our primary goal is to empower one with the right information so that the right decision is made. If you are not aware on how to kick start, you can always reach out to a professional. This way the basics are set right and your whole profile, even if it is eligible to start off with, the basic prerequisites can be channelized to boost the maximum points through the timeline to ensure you achieve maximum points.

What are the Immigration hurdles/concerns an applicant may face through the process?

To be clear COVID-19 has by no means disrupted or put a stop to the Canadian Immigration process. In fact, now would be the best time to think quick, approach the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai and make a decision. There are several applicants applying and we have seen a surge in the enquiries for people wanting to immigrate to Canada from Chennai and overall globally. Although COVID-19 may affect the processing times and there are delays or restrictions of obtaining a Visitor Visa to Canada, planning your route for a PR will not get affected at all. Immigration is not a one-day process, there are lots of rules and regulations to be checked and followed & assessed thoroughly. The time taken to land in Canada would normally be within the 12 months from when you receive your ITA /Confirmation of Permanent Residence(COPR). We being Immigration Consultants for Canada in Chennai are ready to go that extra mile for you and help you achieve your dreams the right way!

How Can I Place My Faith And Trust In Novus? How Are You Different From The Rest Of The Canada Immigration Consultants?

Novus Directors being RCICs themselves and trained legal experts. Our quality of work speaks for the people working in the team. Weare IRCC registered consultants in Chennai & here to provide legal service at its best.

We have a physical office located in Vancouver, BC, unlike the other consultancies.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to having the right knowledge and years of expertise. So among all the Canada immigration consultants in Chennai Novus is the most genuine as everything is done first hand for every client by the designated RCIC.

Also, we ensure that the client is entitled to the Canadian legal retainer agreement signed by the RCIC and the Representative Form(IMM5476e) is signed during the submissions.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Canadian Permanent Resident?

There are major benefits an individual can receive once he becomes a Permanent Resident. Few of them are:

You can live and work in any part of Canada. Permanent Residents are not obligated to stay in a particular province for work and other purposes. Once you get your PR you have a legal right to stay in any part of Canada. This makes life easier in Canada to search for better opportunities.

Free Healthcare- Permanent Residents in Canada have access to free healthcare and social services provided by the Canadian government.

You can become a Canadian Citizen once you have fulfilled the required criteria. You will be eligible to become a Canadian citizen once you have resided for a period of three years out of five years in Canada.

Education facilities- Permanent residents in Canada have access to free education up to the age of 18. The fee system for university has reduced to a great extent for Permanent Residents in Canada when compared to other international students.

In order to avail these services approach Canada immigration consultants in Chennai who can provide you with Visa assistance from scratch till the very end.

What Happens If I Apply On My Own? Can IRCC Reject My Application?

Everyone can apply on their own. The real deal is that as the process continues you will most certainly need a legal representative who is well aware about the Canadian immigration process to assist you. Filing all your documents and handling all the technicalities are what RCICs are known for. We are the only Canada immigration consultants in Chennai that are actually IRCC registered consultants in Chennai.

Yes, IRCC can reject your application if you provide any false or misleading information in the application form.

Medical issues- if your health condition poses a threat to Canada, then IRCC can reject your application.

Criminal Records- Having a criminal record in your home country will tend to affect your application. It does not matter how small the crime is, Canada is extremely strict about criminal offence. However, an immigration consultant can explain more about IRCC in detail.

Insufficient funds- A certain amount of money is required to fulfil your basic amenities once you reach Canada. Canada always issues PR according to the Country’s economy and financial needs.

Being Canada immigration consultants in Chennai, we are more than happy to connect with youto help you realise your Immigration dreams.

What Are The Various Pain-Points That People Face During Immigration?

Here is a list of some of the pain-points that people face during their immigration process:

  • Searching through consultancies and whom they should choose
  • Being fed with wrong information
  • Being chased to pay-up
  • Being charged for an evaluation or Consultation
  • Files being mishandled
  • Inadequate guidance provided
  • False promises
  • Fraudulence

It is normal for individuals to face or accompany such problems when they start their immigration journey but they need to be alert in making sure that they are approaching the right agents or consultants who are Skilled Immigration Consultants ready to guide them till the very end without letting go of their hand.

We are surrounded with Canada immigration agents in Chennai who make fake promises and go up to the extent of deceiving their clients with incomplete information and this is where we need to be smart and know for sure that there is concrete proof for everything.

Here at Novus we ensure that all are clients are being provided with quality service, being the only IRCC registered consultant in Chennai and having registered lawyers who are located in Canada. We are professionals in the business. Guidance without a doubt is provided throughout the journey and consultation is completely free. Novus ensures everything is secure and protected and you sail smoothly! That’s exactly why we are also recognized as the top Canada immigration consultants in Chennai and also the most Trusted Immigration agents based in Chennai.

Pre-Arrival tips from the Best Immigration Consultants in Chennai

Here’s a pre-arrival to-do list Prepared by our Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai. Go ahead and check it out! @ - All Right Reserved
canada immigration consultants in chennai